Cyber bullying

In ilearn today we have  been looking at how to be safe on social media and how to keep what you post only visable to people you know.

1 I have to change the privetecy on all social media wwebsite i am on.

2 to only be friends with people i know face to face.

3 to not put anything that i  might not like 2 years down the track.


Can We Trust The Internet

We are on the internet a lot and use trust the infromation that we got off different website. But can we really trust what we get off them? Some websites let anyone change the information.The history is one way to make sure that are you are gettiing the right info and if it has been changed lately it might not be right or if it by someone random. The people that are can trust are the people that have the website user names.

my clay project in science

what is the size?

its size is the same size as an average monkey.

what does it eat?

it eat things like leaves, fruit and nuts.

how will it catch/ get food and water?

it will get the food of trees and the water out of the water pools.

how will it keep warm and cool?

it will keep cool in the water pools and keep warm in the nice warm trees.

where will it shelter?

it will shelter by climbing up the trees.

how will it protect/ defend itself from attackers?

it protect itself by climbing up trees and it will defend itself by jumping in the water pools.

Cyber Safety

Today in iLearn I not to talk to anyone that i do not know online. I also learnt about how sick people will try to trick you into meeting you and then you find out how they are and they are not what they said they were.


DO: have fun with what your putting on your blog  and the colour of your background.

Don’t: put boring things on your blog.

Do: make your blog what you want it to be.

Don’t: do what other people want you to do.

making a blog is so that you show some of your work and look at other peoples work. make your blog your own.


We have been writing persuasive peices in Engish and this is my persuasive peice on caging chickens.


By Kiara

Some people cage their animals and some people don’t. The people that don’t cage animals think that the other people are cruel to their animals. I believe that animals should be able to run around and not have to be locked up in small cages.

Animals shouldn’t  live in cages because they can be hurt by the cages wire and metal structure. Caging animals is the wrong thing to do because animals shouldn’t have to go through lots of pain every day and not get help.  The animals are bleeding, bruised and beaten.

Animals should be able to eat and drink clean and clear food and water. They shouldn’t have to stand in their own poo or poo in their food or water. I am disgusted that some animals have to eat their food coved in their own poo.

Animals should be able to run around and have fun.  They shouldn’t have to stay in tiny little cages because they can’t run around and exercise.

I think that it is absolutely wrong to cage animals because they should have the freedom to run around and have fun. They should be able to eat and drink clean and clear food and water. They shouldn’t have to live in tiny little spaces.